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In reference to my Legend 6X13EVSA30 trailer received by me 6/23/16.

That is a heck of a trailer!  It stands out in many ways to me, compared to your competition!  My comments come from my background first as a degreed draftsman/designer and also my 33-year career in the nuclear power industry, in which I was Shift Manager responsible for every activity in the Plant.

It is apparent to me, everyone who touched my trailer did their job well or someone at the next level made sure they did. Here are my comments:

Every option detail IS as I ordered it.  I expected some things would not be as I wanted, as I realize it is difficult for something to be ordered and understood from the customer though the dealer, to the sales dept., then design engineers, to the production line, QC and out the door.  Obviously you all practice very good communications and ask each other questions when necessary.

I found not a one drill shaving and no dirt on the floor.

Every screw appears in place and none were left laying on my floor at delivery.  You'd be surprised at your "competition".

Wire nut connections under my trailer all look like they are secure and taped.

Every "fit" I looked at, looks square like the door gaps, window placement and the ladder rack construction.  This goes all the way back to the welders doing their job very professionally at the start, so everyone else's job was easy.

Every tube end including underneath, is capped.

There are 12 screws holding my fenders on and making them secure to the body.  Your competitors only use 3-5.  it costs very little extra to put those few extra screw in, but adds so much to the quality of the product.

The ladder rack is robustly manufactured and mounted.  I notice a 1 X 2 reinforcement rib from front to back of the trailer 6" in from the roof edge, to mount the rack to...very nice.  The rack is made with gussets and the rear one has an extension to the back roof edge to protect it as I push my canoe forward.

The ladder itself is robust and anchored by its own roof supports welded in. It is well worth the $620 option, which is more expensive than competitor models not made or mounted near as well.

Thank you all again for your attention to detail, I will enjoy and look forward to using my new LEGEND trailer and I might just drive it around for a week empty to show it off.  I know I will receive many positive comments on it and I will tell them about your company.  Take pride in your American product and I hope you enjoy your time off as it is well deserved.

 Go Pack Go!  ;-)


James E Langer Jr.



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